Trisha Gum
Trish(a) Gum 

I’ve been working professionally in animation for ten years. It’s a medium I love, but a medium I hadn’t originally set out to apart of. It all started when I graduated college. With a mountain of student loan debt, I couldn’t afford to pay actors and location fees, so I improvised and started making stop-motion in my basement. I had no professional training, but it was a way to make my stories come to life on a budget. Ten years later… I’ve worked on shows such as, ROBOT CHICKEN, WB’s MAD, and Adult Swim’s FRANKENHOLE. In 2015 I won an Emmy for my work on AMAZON’s TUMBLE LEAF. I recently wrapped as the Head of Story on Warner Bros LEGO BATMAN movie, set to be released FEB 2017!

Though animation remains the majority of my professional experience, in 2010 I shifted into live-action writing and directing with my personal projects. In 2011 I was selected for AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women. The experience inspired me to keep creating, and since then I’ve directed many shorts. My film, HOW TO BE A FEMALE DIRECTOR, gained me recognition from Independence’s Magazine as, “ 2012’s Top Ten Filmmakers to look for.

My background in animation and my love for live-action has given me a unique tone and an eclectic visual sense of story telling.